Driftwood Kitchen Highcliffe


Driftwood Full English 8.50
Two award winning sausages, two free range eggs, two streaky bacon, roasted tomato, field mushroom, hash brown, Heinz baked beans & Toast
Veggie Breakfast (v) 8.00
Veggie sausages, Halloumi, two free range eggs, roasted tomato, field mushroom, hash brown, Heinz baked beans & Toast
Vegan Breakfast (ve) 8.00
Two Vegan Sausages, Vegan Halloumi, roasted tomatoes, field mushrooms, hash browns, Heinz baked beans & Toast
Chicken, award winning black pudding, bacon, mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber & ranch dressing 7.95
Spanish chorizo, herby potato, Mediterranean vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and mixed leaves 7.50
Cobb Salad, mixed leaves, chickpeas, tomatoes, cheese, house slaw, guacamole & croutons (ve) 6.95
The DK Burger 6.95 8oz Gourmet Beef Burger, toasted pretzel bun, streaky bacon, mature cheddar, gherkin relish, mayo, southern fried onion nest, lettuce & tomato
Crumbed Cod Loin Burger 6.95
Toasted pretzel bun, DK sauce, lettuce & tomato
Sweet Potato Burger (ve) 6.50
Caramelised onion, guacamole, toasted pretzel bun, lettuce, tomato & southern fried onion nest
Why not Add:
Fried Egg 0.50 Pulled Pork 2.00 House Slaw 1.00 Stilton 1.00

DK American Style Pancakes 5.95
Mixed berry compote (v)
Streaky bacon & Acadian maple syrup
Breakfast Sandwich 5.00
Award winning Sausage or streaky bacon add fried egg 0.50
Free Range Three Egg Omelette 6.95
Country style herby potatoes, bacon & cheese Country style herby potatoes, sauté mushrooms & cheese (v)
Folded Flatbread
Philly Cheese Steak, 5oz steak, caramelised onion, peppers, mozzarella, American mustard, Stokes Ketchup & mixed leaves 7.95
Tuna, mature cheddar cheese, tomato chutney & mixed leaves 6.50
Stilton, Cranberry & Rocket (v) 5.95
Add bacon 1.50
BBQ Pulled pork, house slaw & mixed leaves 6.50
DK Vegan Club, cheese, guacamole, tomato, house slaw & mixed leaves (ve) 6.00
Skinny Fries (ve) 2.50 House Slaw (v) 1.00 Bacon, Maple Syrup & Cheddar Dirty Fries 5.50 Caramelized Onion & Cheddar Dirty Fries (v) 5.50
Sides Farmhouse Toast (ve) 2.50 Herby Potatoes (ve) 2.00 3 Black Pudding 1.75 Streaky Bacon 1.50 Char-grilled Halloumi (v) 2.00 Award Winning Sausage 1.50 Hash Browns (ve) 1.50 Skinny Fries (ve) 2.50
Crumbed Cod Loin, skinny fries, peas & tartar sauce 7.50
Award Winning sausages, onion nest, marris piper mash & onion gravy 6.95
Char grilled steak, skinny fries, roasted tomato, field mushroom & rocket 5oz Steak 8.50 / 10oz Steak 16.00
Smoky Veggie Chilli, basmati rice & tortilla chips (ve) 6.95
Stuffed Baked Potato 5.95 With a salad garnish & house slaw
Tuna Mayo Chicken Tikka Heinz Baked Beans & Cheddar (v) Smoky Veggie Chilli (ve) BBQ Pulled Pork
Today’s Soups with hand cut farmhouse bread 4.95