Driftwood Kitchen Highcliffe


served all day
Driftwood Full English 8.00
Cumberland sausages, free range eggs, back bacon rashers, roasted tomato, hash brown, herby sliced mushrooms, Heinz baked beans & bloomer toast


The Driftwood 7.00
Cumberland sausage, free range egg, back bacon rasher, roasted tomato, hash brown, herby sliced mushrooms, Heinz baked beans & bloomer toast


Veggie Breakfast (v) 8.00
Vegan sausages, char grilled Halloumi, free range eggs, roasted tomato, herby sliced mushrooms, hash brown, Heinz baked beans & bloomer toast


Vegan Breakfast (ve) 8.00
Vegan Sausages, Vegan Bacon, roasted tomato, herby sliced mushrooms, hash browns, Heinz baked beans & bloomer toast


Free Range Three Egg Omelette 6.00
Herby potatoes, bacon & cheese
Herby potatoes, mushrooms & cheese (v)


Steak & Eggs 8.00
Rib Eye steak, fried eggs & hash browns


Driftwood American Style Pancake Stacks 6.00
Bacon & maple syrup
Fresh fruit salad & maple syrup (v)


Breakfast Bloomer Sarnies 4.00
Cumberland sausage or Bacon  - add Somerset Brie 1.00


Flambards Free Range Eggs on Bloomer Toast (v) 5.00
Poached, fried or scrambled

Served from 10.30am

Philly Cheese Steak Toastie 7.00
Ribeye steak, caramelised onion, peppers, mozzarella, American mustard, ketchup & lettuce

DK Turkey Club Toastie 6.50
Char grilled turkey, bacon, Somerset Brie, damson jam, mayo, tomato and onion rings

DK Vegan Club Toastie (v) 6.50
Tofu turkey, vegan bacon, smoked Applewood, caramelised onions,peppers, mayo, tomato and onion rings

Tuna Melt 6.00
Tuna, grilled tomato, mixed cheese and tomato chutney


Fish Finger Sarnie 5.50
Chunky tempura battered fish fingers, tartar sauce & lettuce

Jacket Potatoes 6.50
Baked potato, topped with cheese, served with salad and coleslaw
Choose a topping:
Bacon, brie and chilli jam - Heinz Baked Beans - Char grilled Halloumi tikka masala curry - Tuna and tomato chutney
Turkey tikka masala curry - Smokey Veggie chilli

Side of Fries (v) 2.50
Fried Slice (v) 1.00
Halloumi (v) 1.50
Herby potatoes (v) 2.00

Please note we do try our hardest to keep our menu and prices as up to date as possible, but those on display inside Driftwood Kitchen may vary slightly.